Everybody wants to be the top dog and it’s all about socialization, attention, positive association, and personality. But let’s get into the nitty-gritty details so you can become your canine companion’s favorite person or at least one who doesn’t rank last on their list of favorites!

Everybody likes being a part of something special; this is true for people as well as dogs. Knowing how to show a pooch affection will make them feel like they are somebody worth paying attention to, which creates lots of opportunities for fun bonding time with our furry friends in return.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

My dog loves me, but Radar will always run to my youngest brother Jacob first. It’s not even a contest: put me and my brother opposite each other in the room, and he goes straight for him every time. I feed him, walk with him daily (and let his sleep on my bed), so it’s funny that when Jacob comes over from out of town, we are strangers again all these years later.

Scientists believe that dogs choose their favorite person based on a variety of factors – how much time they spend with the dog, who gives them food and love more often. They also study which human is most likely to leave the room when it’s feeding time or chew toys are given out! It may seem like such an easy choice for your pup as you’re always there but if another family member steps up then maybe one day your furry friend will decide he likes her better than you!

Socialization matters

Puppies are at an age where their brains are very receptive, so early social experiences can have a big impact on them for the rest of their lives. That’s why it is important to ensure that they get positive interactions with people and places as soon as possible!

When I adopted my dog Radar at the age of six months old, I was unable to tell what his early socialization experiences were like. 

However, something about him just leads me to believe that he had a more positive and formative experience with male caretakers than female caretakers because dogs are naturally inclined towards preferring men over women in general – especially when they’re young puppies!

The best time to make your dog feel like the most wanted pup in town is before they’re full grown. If you adopt an adult, all it takes are a few experiences with other dogs and some loving care that will establish them as one of their favorite family members!

Attention (and affection) increases the bond

Dogs are not typically loyal or obedient, and the dog might favor only one person in a family. They often bond to whoever gives them attention each day. For example, if you have two parents at home with kids on different schedules from work/school then usually the dog will prefer 1 parent over another because they give it more love than their other siblings do!

Pets, like dogs for instance, thrive on physical affection. If a person is stand-offish towards their dog they will be stand-offish to them as well; but if you give your pet plenty of love and attention that can go both ways: the animal might seek more out from its owner in return!

In many cases pets are creatures who need just about every kind of physical contact there could possibly be–with one exception being sexual touch (you’ll have no luck convincing any vet or experienced breeder this passionately). Pets enjoy cuddles with other animals, massages by people…even grooming sessions! 

Positive association is key

Dogs are known to play favorites with their favorite people, but they also have a hierarchy of least-favorite associates. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense! The person who gives them loads of treats or plays tug-of war is going to be pretty important in the dog’s life and will likely get all sorts of love from him as well.

Positive associations with people can lead to positive dog-human relationships. For example, whenever somebody new comes into my house I have them meet the dogs in our yard and give them treats – this establishes an immediate positive association (new person = tasty treats) that helps ease their introduction. 


Dogs are known for their loyalty to the people who treat them well. Take good care of your dog, socialize him with other dogs and humans, give him positive experiences throughout his life by being respectful and understanding about what makes each pup uniquely special, he’ll reward you in return!